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Schiphol Airport
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Leisure & Hospitality
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A SYNRG project delivering absolute luxury. Our project managers were responsible for the delivery of the impressive Schiphol VIP centre.

Luxury for a king

Finalised in 2021, this was a unique project for SYNRG. While underway, reformation occurred in a highly secure environment. One that also demanded a high level of client privacy and peace. As always, extreme attention to detail and top-quality results were vital.

With references to 17th century explorers and modern-day masters of Dutch Design, the interior is firmly rooted in the old and new visual culture of The Netherlands. Different spaces, each with their own character and style, now offer travelers a space to work, play, eat, drink and relax.

Every room’s design has different layers and there is something new to discover every time you step into one.

Marcel Wanders' studio is responsible for the redesign of the interior of the VIP center at Schiphol and collaborated with Lensvelt for a fresh look and feel.

An important additional component, this space hosts the Dutch royal family when before they fly. There are not many construction companies who can say they build for a king.

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