We love challenges.

We know that construction is dynamic. It contains interdisciplinary teams and layered solutions. Our industry offers complex and unique projects. Throughout all stages of a project, we act as strategic designers, consultants and project managers in order to unravel the complexity and create masterful solutions.

At SYNRG, we provide our clients with a dedicated project team. We have architects, designers, engineers and project managers working together. So we can support our clients with a highly specialized and totally committed team.

Our Services.

SYNRG has a powerful set of tools to solve the complex challenges of modern construction projects. We have a shared vision for sustainable, make-able, payable, realistic and value for money projects.



Where ideas meet industry intelligence.


With every project, our local team undertakes feasibility studies, scenario analyses and technical advice. We can consult, create and manage the client's construction organisation. Including sector research, data-driven insights and project specific factors to define the optimal solution.

Project Management

There is no task too challenging for a great project manager. Our teams work with clients to apply expertise, industry intelligence and pragmatic planning to guarantee greater success and to optimally represent our client. On time, in budget.



Exceptional results require exceptional design solutions.

Interior design


Transition from design to the built environment.

Design & build
Turnkey solutions

The future as part of our daily practise

At SYNRG we know that progressive solutions and modern methods are the accelerator for success. Our clients can expect inventive tools and and digital innovations in how we work. We also provide absolute commitment to our clients for their innovative practices and goals.

Thanks to the great and dedicated team at SYNRG, we now have new offices that not only look great but are also sustainable and gives us a lot of new energy!

Carina Kloet

Communications adviser, De Hypotheker

Optimal creativity and enthusiasm ensured total unburdening.

Marie-Jose Vermin

CEO, 10Days

Creators of buildings with a great iconic value.

Boudewijn Revis

Councilor for urban development (RO), housing and Scheveningen coast

Great projects start
with great relationships.