Construction Type
New build
Green Real Estate
Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands
(Food) Retail
Project info

Baronie Haven is an impressive project, transforming an underused business park to a residential, shopping and working area. The Cocoa and Chocolate Factory Baronie underwent a striking renovation and paving the way for change. The surrounding new construction brought together familiar architectural characteristics and contemporary design features.

Charm of the haven.

SYNRG Architects ensured “architectural branding” was cohesive in the entire area. The Havenhuys, built in 2021 as the first residential building. The shed roofs, light architecture of blond masonry, white concrete interplay of lines are all characteristic elements shared with the old factory hall of the Baronie.

In the development of Baronie Haven, the first phase was to realise the marina, boulevard, and accommodation jetty. This created a representative image. This also means the environment is immediately ready after delivery of the buildings. Phase 3 comprises of various sub-buildings that are interconnected by a commercial plinth and high, glass fronts.

Successful urban planning and notable architecture.

Once construction is complete, the Baronie will be completely traffic-free. All parking spaces are hidden under or behind buildings. Surrounding the Rijnhaven, Baronie Haven is a great example of both successful urban planning and notable architecture.

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