Construction Type
New build
Rotterdam & The Hague, The Netherlands
Education & Health
Interior design
Project info

SYNRG Architects designed a striking school, Rotterdam - The Hague Airport. We were thrilled to work in close collaboration with Albeda Huisvesting, to design a unique, hybrid building. Albeda’s vision was to bring the context of the profession as close as possible to the student.”

A safe and familiar environment.

Requiring both hands-on and desk-based education, we created a main building, hangar, restaurant, and an atrium. The airport is the classroom, and the school building offers students a safe and familiar environment.

A unique training institute at the airport, created through optimal design, support, trust and out-of-the-box thinking

Mark Mes, architect and former student at Albeda

Prominently sitting on an open street corner, the Learning Airport boasts a visible full-size airplane inside. The building is an absolute eye-catcher. Albeda is ready to take flight to a bright future.

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