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's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
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The TAS Building is the heart of CNSTRCT and its subsidiaries who operate across western Europe. The vision was clear, create a welcoming, modern Agora of 3.500 m2 office, 3.400 m2 production facilities and 19.000 m2 site area. The brief: spaces for flexible office workers, client hosting, company-wide meetings; an ultra-modern workshop, extensive warehouse, and parking facilities. And no less important, a 300-person company restaurant, a fully equipped fitness space, a Food to go shop, a game room and multiple outdoor relax zones.

A place to inspire and be inspired.

Every part of SYNRG was engaged. We ensured feasibility and technical audits, ran preliminary space planning and test-fits. Our architects introduced function and form. Our frequent collaborator, King Kongs introduced a metropolitan concept. Archways, laneways, cosy alcoves, open “parks” and squares appeared. Our project managers worked closely with CNSTRCT for the completion of the transformation.. An “internal city” came to life.

From an investment perspective, it is a timeless, energy efficient, multipurpose building. Ready for the future!

Edwin Soetens, Owner

Sustainability with high-quality insulation and triple glazing.

Innovative construction solutions transformed energy label F to A++++. For sustainability,all gas connections were removed, and 100% electric design implemented. High-quality insulation and triple glazing, slatted facade offer sun protection. These has resulted in less than €700 energy costs of the entire complex a month.

Using progressive technologies, the high-quality and flexible concrete structure of the building was retained. The new facade is almost entirely realized with 'dry' connections so that it can be reused in the future. The building now has its own energy supply with 1300 PV panels.

CNSTRCT’s mission is to lead Europe in smart and modern construction. The TAS building, and SYNRG, certainly helped them on their way.

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