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Hudson's Bay Toronto
16 Cities The Netherlands & Germany
(Food) Retail
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One year from meet-and-greet to opening the doors of 200,000 m2 retail space. A great challenge for SYNRG project managers. 11 Hudson’s Bay department stores, 2 Saks of Fifth stores, 2 Topshop stores. Including 10 La Place stores with whitebox integration, 500 shop-in-shops and 10 Purepoint sanitary facilities.

Accelerated roll-out

SYNRG managed construction site logistics, juggled complexity of customized build and dynamics of inner-city construction. We exceeded deadlines, opening all stores in less than a year.

Often one city store was divided across multiple buildings. And each building provided a unique set of challenges. These ranged from different facade structures, various monumental statuses and, in some cases, the battling environmentally hazardous upholstery. The construction was characterized by a wide range of building materials used, location specific customization, construction quality and maintenance.

As a project manager, it was the ultimate project to work on. It contained ALL the elements and challenges you could encounter. Simultaneously constructing 15 department stores has never been done.

Piet van der Jagt

International collaboration at its finest

Collaboration was across borders, companies, and cultures. We worked closely with the English architects; designed with Canadian head office requirements; while our Belgian branch managed budgets, quality, and lead time; and our German branch led the purchasing.

Great projects start
with great relationships.