Construction Type
2022 - Present
CIZ Centrum Indicatiestelling zorg
Multiple locations in The Netherlands
Offices & Commercial buildings
Interior design
Project info

We delivered a future-proof design for the interior. We help the customer with innovative ideas to work as hybrid as possible in such a way that CIZ can focus on optimally helping all people who need intensive care.

Intensive hybrid caring

In close collaboration with CIZ Housing, we implemented all buildings with a unique interior concept, in which meeting and hybrid working is a central element. All buildings have a flexible and futureproof design. The main focus of the customer is their vision on sustainability and circularity, we tried to implement this by making use of several sustainable well-known techniques.

The last phase involved adjustments we had to make in the interior after corona: making a Future-proof design for the future.

Our Role was making an innovative design, renew and support on housing advice.  

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