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Zinc Real Estate
The Hague, The Netherlands
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Transformation of the former Princess Juliana barracks in The Hague into a unique residential environment with high-quality mansions and a monumental garden that matches the green park environment and the chic living environment. Built in 1942 by the German occupiers and used as the headquarters of the army after the war, the building has the status of a municipal monument. Not only because of its cultural-historical value but also because of the special architectural style.

From military order to organized opulence.

In order to make use of the unique qualities of the location and the building, we have paid a great deal of attention to an optimal housing subdivision of the closed barracks area. Where possible, the characteristic architecture has been preserved and restored. Subtle elongated openings in the facade (incisions) bring daylight far into the homes and enhance the experience of nature. Upon completion, Julia's Park was nominated for the “Haagse Woonprijs” (The Hague Residential Award) and has been voted for as one of the ten best buildings in The Hague in the recent years.
The landscape and buildings form a visual and functional unity. Full re-use of the original barracks.

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