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Capital C
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Leisure & Hospitality
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From hundreds of ticking clocks in The Clock Tower to an unparalleled view of the city from the High Light. The Diamond Exchange in Amsterdam, built in 1911, has been transformed into the center for the creative industry: Capital C Amsterdam.

Where culture and food come together.

In collaboration with Lensvelt we realized the Capital Kitchen project from start to finish. The turnaround time, the large number of disciplines involved, the precise coordination with the primary process of the restaurant and the pursuit of a very high level of quality are characteristic of this project.

Capital Kitchen is located within Capital C: the Amsterdam epicenter of unexpected ideas. A home and a house for the creatively brave. Where it is safe to fail spectacularly and where it’s great to celebrate success together. That won’t work without a decent kitchen.

Great projects start
with great relationships.